Monday, 31 August 2009


I will be taking part in a group exhibition, 4 BLNK WOLS, opening this Thursday 6pm at Aberdeen Arts Centre with fellow Gray's graduates Louise Emslie, Tina Hay, Callum Kellie, Kieran McCruden and Mhairi McGhee. The exhibition will run until October.

I will be presenting three new photographic works, am a bit nervous as is my first exhibition since graduation so fingers and toes crossed. Also looking forward very much to seeing everyone elses work after being a recluse for this past while!

Come and see if you are in the Aberdeen area!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Website Launch

I've been pretty lapse of late at updating this ol' blog. Now the reason will be revealed!


I have been working on my website! And now, it's pretty much done! Hoorah.

A little bit of tweaking... You may also notice I've given the blog a bit of an overhaul. I like the white a bit better, it makes things easier to read imo.